Posted on October 30, 2022

West Des Moines Woman’s Family Release Statement After Man Charged in Her Death Is Acquitted

KCCI, October 25, 2022

The family of Trisha Kunze has released a statement after Nathen Cameron was acquitted of murder in her death.

Trisha Kunze

Trisha Kunze

Nathen Cameron

Nathen Cameron

Kunze died in February after falling from her third-story apartment balcony in West Des Moines. Prosecutors say that before she died, she was strangled and beaten by Cameron.

Cameron was found not guilty of murdering Kunze, but he was convicted of assault.

Below is the statement in full:

{snip} The Justice system does not work in America. Our beautiful daughter Trisha Louise Kunze did not get the justice she deserved. The justice system does not allow for a lot of important evidence to be used. Documented and reported incidents of past physical abuse were excluded from trial that showed a clear pattern of escalating violence. Trisha died a brutal death with the criminal to walk free. He showed no remorse for the injuries he caused and the hateful words he said to her before her death.

Text messages admitted into evidence showed him calling her derogatory names and saying things such as “if I get home before you, your life is over” “you are done” “your car is done”, “you are going to pay tonight”, “I am hurting you” “I am going to F— you up” . {snip} Video footage also shows him CASUALLY walking down the stairs after he testified that he saw her laying on the ground. He then waiting 7 minutes 37 seconds before calling 911. {snip}

Medical experts testified Trisha sustained multiple injuries NOT consistent with her fall including her broken knee. {snip}