Posted on October 28, 2022

Steve Sviggum Resigns as U of M Regents Vice Chair After Asking If Morris Campus Is “Too Diverse”

WCCO, October 25, 2022

After asking if the University of Minnesota Morris campus was “too diverse” during a Board of Regents meeting earlier this month, Steve Sviggum is stepping down as vice chair.


In a meeting on Oct. 13 about enrollment, Sviggum, a former Republican speaker of the Minnesota House, asked Morris campus Acting Chancellor Janet Schrunk Eriksen this question: “Is it possible that at Morris we’ve become too diverse? Is that possible, all from a marketing standpoint?”

He pointed to declining enrollment and increased diversity.

“I have received a couple letters, two actually, from friends whose children are not going to go to Morris because it is too diverse, let’s say, of a campus. They just didn’t feel comfortable there,” said Sviggum.