Posted on July 15, 2022

Soccer So White? BBC Complains No Minority Players on Pitch for English Women’s Football Team

Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, July 14, 2022

The supposedly impartial BBC has come under fire after a sports presenter criticised England’s women’s football team for being too white.

In a broadcast covering the UEFA European Women’s Football Championship, BBC sports presenter commented on Monday’s victory for England over Norway {snip}

Bardour, a white woman herself, said on Tuesday evening: “An historic eight-goal victory for England last night as the lionesses secured their place in the quarter-finals but all starting 11 players and the five substitutes that came on to the pitch were all white and that does point towards a lack of diversity in the women’s game.”

While they did not play on Monday, there are currently three women on the England team with a minority background, including Jess Carter, Demi Stokes, and Nikita Parris. When looking at the 23-player roster, this represents 13 per cent, which almost exactly mirrors the general demographics of the UK in the last census, with 87 per cent of the population being classified as White British.

The comments from the BBC presenter sparked considerable backlash on social media, with former Labour Party MP Kate Hoey saying: “When we had an all-black men’s team in some athletics events did the BBC draw attention to that. Of course not. {snip}”