Posted on July 28, 2022

L.A.’s Black Spoilers

David Cole, Taki's Magazine, July 5, 2022

Thirty-five-year-old Nicole Mokeme was Portland, Maine’s BLM superstar. She founded “Rise and Shine,” a woodsy retreat where “BIPOCs” could gather and rant about whitey.

As Mokeme stated on her website, “as the awareness of white terrorism began to rise, black youth suggested the need for sacred Black space.” So she founded a black prideaway hideaway dedicated to “Black Liberation for Black people in Maine and beyond. A place where people of color explore the woods and not feel like we’re on white territory.”

Mokeme moved from Philly to Maine to get away from “white territory.” There’s “black genius” for ya.

“The very people who came here because L.A. was a city of houses not slums want to turn L.A. into a city of slums not houses on their way out.”

Mokeme was of course a huge “defund the police” advocate (George Soros is currently spending big to take over the Portland DA’s office).

Last month, as Mokeme was setting up a Juneteenth shindig at the “Black Excellence Retreat” in Acadia National Park, her boyfriend, 35-year-old Raymond Lester—an excellent black man—turned her into pothole filler in a rage-motivated hit-and-run. Lester, an inveterate criminal, had been a lifetime beneficiary of “progressive prosecution,” having evaded a 2008 domestic violence assault conviction ($300 fine), a 2010 domestic violence and theft conviction ($300 fine), an April 2011 arrest for violating a protective order (five days in jail), and a July 2011 felony domestic violence assault and criminal mischief conviction (six months).

In one domestic violence incident, Lester broke his then girlfriend’s jaw with a hammer and strangled her unconscious.

Between 2012 and 2021, Lester was arrested for drug possession, theft, stolen ID, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, felony receiving stolen property, and forgery. In 2021, he was arrested for assault yet again, but even with all his priors, prosecutors offered a “deferred disposition,” in which Lester avoided prison by promising to “not engage in new criminal conduct.”

He agreed, and promptly murdered Nicole Mokeme.


{snip} Nicole Mokeme learned the hard way that the inevitable endgame of progressive prosecution is “black dude kills someone.”

Better her than you or me.

Indeed, the majority population of Maine got lucky. In cities like Portland (85% white), black criminals tend to choose white victims. This is increasingly becoming a problem here in L.A. As the black population wanes, as there are fewer black neighborhoods with black shopkeepers and homeowners, black criminals are increasingly poaching outside the hood.

I’m gonna pause for the sake of those who don’t live here. L.A. is a city and a county. We’re the most populous county in the U.S., but, more important yet rarely mentioned, we have the most “places.” Eighty-eight cities and more than 100 unincorporated areas. Here’s a county map. It’s only the broad strokes, but you can get a taste of the regional sprawl.

So, for example, in my area (the “Westside cities” gray zone), we have 3.3% blacks. Within that gray zone, Beverly Hills has 2.2%. But now go way up to the top of that map, to the area we call the “high desert.” Lancaster, see it? Seventy miles from the Westside, 21% black. Right next to Lancaster is Palmdale, 14% black, home to Section 8ers ejected from L.A. proper. That’s why any overall demographic figure for the county is pointless. Blacks may be 7.9% of the county, but based on the city you’re in, it can seem like 40% or 0%.

Due to demographic replacement from Mexicans on the South/Eastside and gentrification and high cost of living everywhere else, the blacks who don’t leave the state entirely are being pushed toward the outskirt areas like Lancaster. Those who remain in the parts of L.A. that are reasonably close to the Westside are, with unnerving frequency, victimizing the Westside. It’s ugly, but temporary (within ten years those blacks, too, will largely be gone, out of state or in the boonies).

But for the moment, it’s a concern.


We’re witnessing a failed demographic with only one role left to play—spoiler. L.A. should’ve been paradise for blacks. Freed from the baggage of the old South, by 1910, L.A. black homeownership had reached 36%, the highest such rate in the nation. By the 1940s, L.A. was “an African-American, middle-class dream where blue-collar laborers could enjoy suburbia away from the slums.”

But blacks (aided by white and Jewish leftists) blew it, trading paradise for crime, welfare, anger, and entitlement, and now paradise has rejected them, black neighborhoods either being swarmed by the younger, healthier Mexican demographic or gentrified by whites, Asians, Indians, Arabs, and Persians.

Banished to the high desert, blacks give their unquestioning support to the Democrats who are ending single-family residence zoning in California. The very people who came here because L.A. was a city of houses not slums want to turn L.A. into a city of slums not houses on their way out.


And as L.A.’s blacks spoil on the way out, blacks like Nicole Mokeme spoil on the way in, moving to white areas and bringing with them a fanaticism for defunding and decarceration and antiwhiteness to rain down upon a population that’s done them no wrong.