Posted on June 6, 2022

“White Women Don’t Go Up Here.” Shock Harassment by North Africans on the Train

Valentina Dardari, Il Giornale, June 4, 2022

A day that was supposed to be full of pure fun turned into a nightmare for six girls who were returning by train from Gardaland. The young women, four resident in Milan and two in Pavia, are all aged between 16 and 17 and were on board the 2640 regional train which from Peschiera del Garda, in the province of Verona, was to take them to Milan after spending a day in the amusement park. As reported by , the girls were allegedly sexually harassed for a long time and heavily by a herd of around 100 North Africans.

“White women don’t go up here”

Victims said: “We were surrounded. The heat was suffocating, some of us passed out. While we were looking for a controller, struggling along the wagons,” the sexual harassment took place. They then recalled that their attackers, while laughing, had told them: “White women don’t go up here.” The incident took place in the late afternoon of last Thursday, June 2. The teenagers alleged that just before 6pm they were in the train station of Peschiera, where the quay and the tracks were invaded “by over a hundred boys and even a few girls, most of them North Africans, our age or a little older. They screamed and ran. They even spat on the windows of a train that arrived before ours. ”

According to the mayor of Castelnuovo del Garda, Giovanni Dal Cero, probably those young people were part of the crowd that during the day had poured onto the beach of Peschiera and had participated in a maxi brawl on Lake Garda that had been organized on social networks, during the which had occurred some stabbing and some vandalism. A video posted on TikTok advertised a kind of rally for June 2nd. The train to Milan was packed with passengers. It seems that the victims of sexual harassment did not alert the police for fear of being beaten, but they decided to call their parents who arranged to call 112, “but no one intervened”the mothers and fathers denounced. To help the victims, a boy who helped them get off at the next stop, the Desenzano stop. Yesterday all of them filed a complaint with the Polfer of Milan Central Station.

The appeal of the governor of Veneto

Luca Zaia, governor of the Veneto Region, commented on what happened: “We continue our daily battle for not only individual but social freedom. Thinking that girls are harassed, harassed or are subjected to aggression in our territories does not exist. my appeal is that there is zero tolerance and that the police put their utmost effort into finding those responsible “. The president then underlined that the Venetian population is used to a social relationship based on respect for people and rules.“It must not pass the idea that facts like these can become ordinary or even, even worse, that we can get used to them. We have never even adapted to putting alarms in the house and thinking about locking ourselves in. I repeat, zero tolerance ” , you made it clear.

(Editor’s note: This is a Google translation of the original article in Italian.)