Posted on June 14, 2022

US Supreme Court Deals Migrant Rights Setback on Detention

Agence France-Presse, June 13, 2022

The US Supreme Court dealt a setback to the rights of undocumented migrants detained after crossing into the country in cases that pitted the administration of President Joe Biden against immigration advocates.

The high court ruled that migrants do not have a constitutional right to a bond hearing that could permit their release after spending six months in detention.

Two cases decided in tandem by the court Monday addressed the bond hearing requests of Mexican citizens who had been arrested by US officials after illegally crossing the southern border.

In both cases, the men had been previously deported from the United States and attempted to reenter the country.

The detainees argued against being sent back to Mexico on grounds that they faced threats of persecution or torture, and in one of the cases sought asylum.

US authorities, holding the men for months ahead of official removal proceedings, opposed a bond hearing on the grounds that it could lead to the men’s release and disappearance.