Posted on April 7, 2022

Jon Stewart Blames “White Resentment” for Supreme Court Striking Down Cory Booker’s Race-Based Farm Reform Bill

Harris Rigby, Not The Bee, April 6, 2022


Jon Stewart recently went viral for a white guilt rant that shows he has fallen hook, line, and sinker for the racist woke narrative. {snip}

Recently on his Apple TV+ show, Stewart had Cory Booker on to talk about his bill, which was struck down by the courts because it was an explicitly race-based program meant to discriminate against white farmers.

While Booker is explaining this, he isn’t quite being racist enough for Stewart, so Stewart decides to jump in and be a white liberal savior by attacking white folks for Booker.


Stewart: It got stopped because of white resentment.

Booker: Legal challenges.

Stewart: White farmers felt like resources were being taken from-

Booker: No, no!

Stewart: Taken away from them and given to people–

Booker: Some people. Look, when you say farmers and I’m a white farmer listening to this in Iowa, I’m thinking ‘Jon Stewart’s is blaming me for stopping Booker’s legislation.’