Posted on April 14, 2022

Former MSNBC Host Upset Over Brooklyn Subway Shooting Suspect’s Race

Gabriel Hays, Fox News, April 13, 2022

Former MSNBC pundit and host of the “Touré Show” podcast, Touré Neblett had an interesting reaction to the aftermath of the recent Brooklyn subway attack that left five people critically wounded and many more injured on Tuesday.


Touré took to Twitter following the release of the details of the suspect and lamented the revelation about his race. He wrote, “Police say the suspect is a male Black.’ Damn. Damn. Damn.”


Touré is also a supporter of the left-wing #DefundThePolice and Black Lives Matter movement.


Touré has a history of fixating on race when it comes to politics and the criminal justice system. During a 2018 appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy, he slammed then-Virginia GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart for saying that “people are sick and tired of talking about race all the time.”

Touré laid into the Republican guest, asserting, “This is a white supremacist country and we have to deal with that in every way — in how we relate to the police, in how we relate to jobs, how we relate to the criminal justice everything — everything.”