Posted on April 26, 2022

Former Administrator at Virginia School Sues

Caroline Vakil, The Hill, April 22, 2022

A former administrator at a Virginia school has sued the Albemarle County School Board in Charlottesville, Va., alleging in a lawsuit that she was “branded a racist” after objecting to a teacher training curriculum which she said embraces critical race theory, or CRT.

Emily Mais, a former assistant principal at Agnor-Hurt Elementary School, filed a lawsuit earlier this month against the county school board. At issue is the board’s use of a teacher training curriculum, which the lawsuit alleges “promotes racial division and encourages racial harassment.”

“The curriculum sets up a classic Catch-22, in which a white person’s objections to the content of the curriculum are simply evidence that he or she is a racist who needs further training on the curriculum,” the lawsuit claims.

“Unfortunately for her, Ms. Mais was caught in that Catch-22,” it continues. “When Ms. Mais complained about the curriculum and protested reverse racism, she was branded a racist, severely and pervasively harassed, relentlessly humiliated, and ultimately compelled to resign from a job that she loved to preserve her mental health.”