Posted on April 28, 2022

Catholic University Speaker Urges Students to “Crucify Whiteness”

Tanner Richards, Campus Reform, April 26, 2022

A speaker event at Carlow University in Pennsylvania urged students to “crucify whiteness,” embrace “hopelessness,” and “ethically lie” to cover historical wrongs.

{snip} “Reject White Supremecy” was delivered virtually on Mar. 3 by Iliff School of Theology social ethics and Latinx studies professor Miguel De La Torre. {snip}

In the speech, De La Torre criticized evangelicals who voted for President Donald Trump.

“When eight out of ten white evangelicals voted for a person who is completely against everything Christianity stands for, I don’t know what Christianity they are practicing,” he said.

Additionally, he argued that the word white doesn’t always reference skin color, but rather is an “ontological concept.”

“Those of us who are colored, some of us can also be white,” he said. “But the good news is there is salvation.”

De La Torre noted that he is not a theologian, and is more concerned about focusing on “dealing with what’s going on than trying to figure out theology.”

Carlow University is a private Catholic institution in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was founded by the Sisters of Mercy.

Carlow University Public Relations and Communications Manager Sean McFarland defended the event to Campus Reform, stating that “Carlow University is proud of our Catholic heritage and mercy mission, which welcomes all.”