Posted on March 22, 2022

Ukrainian Refugee Women Fear for Safety in Multicultural Sweden

Peter Caddle, Breitbart, March 21, 2022

A number of Ukrainian refugee women taken in by multicultural Sweden still fear for their safety, after at least two separate groups of men tried to gain access to their living quarters.

Having escaped Vladimir Putin’s ongoing invasion of their country, a number of Ukrainian refugee women are still living in progressive Sweden.

In one example recorded by local media, a woman described the fears she and her associates had after at least two different groups of men tried to gain access to the living quarters of a number of Ukrainian refugee women. She reported one instance of a group of men trying to enter the bedroom of a mother who was asleep with her young children.

“I don’t want to live here because I am afraid,” the woman told Sveriges Radio, describing her own experiences as well as those of her associates. “It’s not too dangerous like in my country, but it is dangerous too.”

“They knocked aggressive[ly on] our doors, and they were saying… please, open the door,” she continued.

She went on to describe how a group of men managed to gain access to where the Ukrainian women were staying, making their way to the bedroom where one woman and her two children were sleeping.


“They say [to] me that Swedish is too safe country, but I didn’t see it.”