Posted on February 4, 2022

Teacher Made White Elementary School Children Apologize to Black Kids for Their Skin Color

Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News, February 2, 2022

A 5th grade teacher working in the North Penn School District made white elementary school children apologize to black kids for their skin color, according to irate parents.

The sensational claim was made during a school board meeting by the mother of a child who attends AM Kulp Elementary School.

“I actually pulled my daughter out of AM Kulp because of the 5th grade teacher who lined those students up, from whitest to darkest,” she said.

“(The teacher) made them turn around and made the white ones apologize to the black ones — now do not tell me that did not happen in this district,” the mother added.


The mother’s complaint was bolstered by a further claim by another individual at the meeting who described how the same teacher forced children to take part in a ‘privilege walk’ multiple times.

“This board has repeatedly denied an activity that has taken place at AM Kulp Elementary…it happened in the courtyard…not once but four times,” said the speaker.

“A teacher…lined the students up on the wall, asked them to step forward if their parents were married, step forward if their parents were college educated, step forward if they own a cellphone or an iPhone, step forward if their skin color resembled a band aid, step forward if they had an in-ground pool.”