Posted on February 2, 2022

Our Democracy Is No Longer Functioning Properly, Here’s Proof

Tucker Carlson, Fox News, February 1, 2022

Here’s something we’ve noticed you may have noticed it too. All of a sudden, pretty much every powerful person in the country is talking about something called democracy. Democracy, our sacred democracy. You hear that word everywhere, from the Atlantic to NPR to the New Yorker magazine and NBC News in between. {snip}


{snip} But actually, if we’re being honest about it, you should be a little worried about the state of our democracy, how is our democracy doing?

Well, let’s see: Another way to describe democracy is popular representation. It’s a synonym. When the government does what citizens want it to do, you have a democracy. And when it doesn’t, you don’t. You no longer have a free country that is ruled by its people.


{snip} If global climate change is the most imminent existential crisis of our time, then why don’t voters seem concerned about it? We don’t know, but they’re definitely not concerned about it. Instead, Americans are very worried about inflation and crime. As it happens, and this tells you everything, those are the two topics the White House has dismissed recently as irrelevant and dumb. The White House isn’t at all worried about inflation and crime.


{snip} Baltimore is a major American city. It’s only about 40 miles from where Jen Psaki lives. It’s one of the worst places in the western hemisphere. It’s a little bit of Haiti in the mid-Atlantic. Baltimore is exactly what happens when you appliy Jen Psaki’s ideas to governing. Baltimore is a city run by people who fervently believe in the equity agenda and consider gender studies a legitimate academic discipline. In Baltimore, pretty much everyone in charge is Black, yet it’s a matter of religious faith that the main thing holding the city back is White racism.

In other words, everybody with power in Baltimore agrees with Jen Psaki. So it’s an entirely fair question to ask Hey, Jen Psaki, what do you think of Baltimore? How did the city get that way? You claim to care so deeply about African-Americans. You never stop talking about that. And yet here is one of the biggest Black majority cities in the United States. Tens of thousands of black people who live in Baltimore are in misery because their kids keep getting murdered. Last year, Baltimore’s murder rate was higher than it is in El Salvador and Honduras. Now those are countries the State Department tells us to “avoid due to crime.”

So it’s fair to say things are incredibly violent in Baltimore. They have been for a long time. And yet under Joe Biden, somehow they’ve gotten even worse in Baltimore. {snip}


Thirtysix murders in thirty-one days, that’s the deadliest January in Baltimore in nearly 50 years and remember, fifty years ago, Baltimore was almost twice as big as it is now. Half the city is left. So Baltimore is far worse off than it has ever been in its history. And it’s not just murders. Drug crimes are up dramatically. You might not know that because they’re not being prosecuted anymore. Last spring, the local city attorney and George Soros puppet called Marilyn Mosby announced she would no longer prosecute low level drug crimes. So arrests plummeted, but drug trafficking exploded. Here’s what it looks like:

REPORTER: Cameras caught what appears to be one of those open-air drug deals happening in broad daylight near the Edmondson Village shopping center. It’s an issue we’ve been hearing about in neighborhoods citywide throughout this summer. It comes after a city state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby, stopped prosecuting certain drug crimes in the city, including drug possession, a major policy shift that some believe have left the issue to only flourish because. 

Jen Psaki’s for that, Black people don’t want laws to be enforced. That’s her view, that’s the view of everyone she knows. But what did policies like that do the Baltimore? Well, they turned a once beautiful city into a slum. According to a report by Fox 45 in Baltimore, public school administrators have instructed the police to stop arresting students for committing crimes. And that would include serious offenses from burglary to assault. So the cops did stop arresting kids. The number of students arrested in Baltimore schools has dropped by 98% in the last decade. That’s good on paper.

But it turns out ignoring crime is not the same as stopping crime. Schools in Baltimore got so bad that kids stopped learning anything. Watch this report and ask yourself: What is Baltimore going to look like in 20 years?

REPORTER: In reading 628, Paterson High School students took the test 484 of them, or 77%, tested at an elementary school reading level that includes 71 high school students who are reading at a kindergarten level and 88 students reading at a first grade level. Another 45 are reading at a second grade level. Just 12 students tested at Paterson High School were reading at grade level. That comes out to less than two percent. 


You wouldn’t know any of this was happening by looking at the official graduation numbers, because last year Baltimore announced that students will graduate from high school even if they failed their courses.

Baltimore’s so-called chief academic officer – that would be Harvard educated bureaucrat called Joan Dabrowski – announced that this policy was designed to quote Avoid the punitive approach of failing students. OK. But somebody is failing students in Baltimore. Somebody, in fact, is failing the entire city, and you have to ask yourself, who would that be?

You’d like to ask Jen Psaki, Who do you blame for Baltimore? Did White men do this to Baltimore? Was it the patriarchy? Was it structural racism that caused all those murders? Do you agree with Pete Buttigieg that Klansman urban planners put the highways in the wrong place? And that’s the real problem. Racist roads?

Or, could it be that the real problem with Baltimore is something much more obvious? Could it be that progressive policies designed to “lift up marginalized communities” in the end destroyed those communities? What’s the answer, Jen Psaki?