Posted on February 25, 2022

Father Allegedly Told 4-Year-Old to Shoot at Officers at McDonald’s

Kiah Armstrong, ABC4, February 21, 2022

A man is in custody after he told his 4-year-old child to shoot at police while at a Midvale McDonalds Monday afternoon.

Police say Sadaat Johnson, 27, of Salt Lake City, had both his 4-year-old child and 3-year-old child in the backseat of his car when the incident happened.

According to police, around 1:30 p.m., the father got upset when the order he had placed in the drive-thru line was wrong. In response to the incorrect order, the man brandished a gun.


Officers say the man was non-compliant after they issued several commands asking the man to get out of his car.

Officers then opened the car door and pulled the man from the car. As they were getting the man in custody, an officer turned back toward the car and saw a gun pointing out of the back window.

The officer swiped the gun to the side as it was fired and realized the person who fired the gun was a child.


Witnesses at the scene say they overheard the father tell the child to shoot.