Posted on January 5, 2022

MSNBC’s Reid: ‘Selfish’ White Christian Conservatives Think America Was ‘Built for Them’

Pam Key, Breitbart, January 3, 2021

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said Monday on her show “The ReidOut” that Republican “white so-called Christian conservatives” were “selfish” people who think America was built for them.

Reid said, “They’re white so-called Christian conservatives who feel like this country was built by them for them, and so everyone but them needs to suck it up and let them have their way or else. Their party, the Republicans, have gone from pretending to be the party of personal responsibility to unmasking themselves as the party of selfish people that cannot play well with others. And they even have their own cable networks plus something called GETTR, which kind of sounds like porn. Moving on..”