Posted on November 2, 2021

Ibram X. Kendi Backtracks After Tweeting on Study Some Say Undermines His White Privilege Narrative

Jessica Chasmar, Fox News, October 31, 2021

Author and prominent critical race theory advocate Ibram X. Kendi has deleted a tweet after critics argued it undermined the racial narrative upon which he’s built his career.

Kendi, a humanities professor at Boston University, tweeted an article Friday by The Hill citing a study that found 34% of White students who applied to colleges and universities falsely claimed they were a racial minority on their application and that 77% of them were accepted.

Kendi summarized on Twitter: “More than a third of White students lied about their race on college applications, and about half of these applicants lied about being Native American. More than three-fourths of these students who lied about their race were accepted.”

Kendi’s critics pounced on the tweet, saying it undermined his life’s work. {snip}

Kendi later deleted the tweet without explanation and accused his critics of twisting his words.

“They lie about what I said to defend the lying of White college applicants,” he wrote. “Here is their tortured line of thinking: When White applicants *think* they have an advantage by lying about being a person of color then that means they *do* have an advantage which then means structural racism doesn’t exist.”