Posted on October 26, 2021

More Than a Third of White Students Lie About Their Race in College Admissions

Richard Moorhead, Big League Politics, October 25, 2021

Recent polling indicates that over a third of white students lie about their race in college admissions, indicating that young Americans are seeking strategies to avoid being negatively impacted by left-wing and anti-white racism on the part of American colleges and universities.

A July survey from Intelligent that polled 1,650 white college prospects indicated that 34% of students lied about their race and ethnicity to make themselves more competitive in applying for college admissions and financial aid at universities. 81% of the students that admitted falsely indicating a non-European race or ethnicity said they hoped to improve their chances at grants and admissions, recognizing the pervasive preference for non-white students on the part of colleges and universities.

Nearly half of white men admitted to claiming to be another race in college admissions. {snip}

A majority of the students who falsely claimed non-European identity in college admissions described being Native American. {snip}