Posted on October 8, 2021

Jason Whitlock Attacks Obama, Tells Tucker Carlson Former President ‘Rejects the White Side of His Family’

Josh Feldman, Mediaite, October 7, 2021

BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock made a baffling comment about former President Barack Obama on Fox News Thursday night.

Whitlock joined Tucker Carlson ta talk about ESPN’s Sage Steele, pulled off the air days after decrying the network’s vaccine mandate. {snip}

Steele has also drawn criticism for these comments she made about Obama:


Whitlock defended Steele as “one of the best people working in our industry” and said, “I think it’s inappropriate that biracial kids, particularly when there’s a Black-white mix, are forced to choose.”

As he continued Whitlock said the following about Obama:

{snip} You can’t question the vaccine, and you damn sure can’t question Barack Obama, who needs to be questioned, and who Sage Steele has properly. This man should drop to his knees every day and thank his white mama and white grandparents for saving his rear end, and helping create him and move him forward in life, and instead he rejects the white side of his family and claims to be all Black. {snip}