Posted on September 26, 2021

Sorority Suspended ‘Indefinitely’ After Racist Presentation on Black Football Players

Brooke Leigh Howard, Daily Beast, September 23, 2021

A sorority at Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC, has been suspended “indefinitely” after a white member led a pageant-like presentation critiquing the looks of Black football players and comparing them to white athletes.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, an Alpha Delta Pi sorority member could be seen standing in front of a screen that showed photos of Black football players at the school in a PowerPoint presentation. According to The Fayetteville Observer, images of the athletes had captions such as “large nostrils” or “big lips.” The presentation also disapproved of locked hairstyles, with the Black athletes’ attractiveness rated in comparison to more white standards of beauty.

In a statement released Sept. 21, officials at the university condemned the stunt, saying the school “is committed to principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.”

“We abhor racism in any form on our campus, and we immediately investigate all possible incidents of racism and act on them appropriately, as warranted by the facts,” the statement reads.


Alpha Delta Pi’s national chapter suspended the student who led the forum, and the school’s collegiate chapter has been disbanded.

A former Methodist University football player who was included in the presentation said that he received a direct message from the organizer of the event, in which she apologized for what happened.

“I will accept with full responsibility the punishment that is decided with this matter with the school, {snip}” she allegedly wrote.