Posted on August 16, 2021

Tucker Carlson Insists There Are ‘Non-White People Cheering the Extinction of White People’

Alex Noble, The Wrap, August 14, 2021

Tucker Carlson has, apparently, not known peace since the U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that the population is diversifying. {snip}


The Fox News fixture said he’s “pointing out the obvious” by saying “Democrats are intentionally accelerating demographic change in this country for political advantage.”


He then rolled clips of Bakari Sellers and Ana Navarro discussing the census data on CNN.

In one clip, Navarro tells CNN’s Don Lemon about a recent trip to the White House: “Guess who’s got Stephen Miller’s old office. Her name is Susan Rice. And she’s one of us. And guess who is in Ivanka Trump’s old office? Julie Rodriguez, she is César Chavez’s granddaughter.”

“Did you hear that?” an awe-struck Carlson said. “‘Her name is Susan Rice, she’s one of us.’ Meaning she’s a Democrat? No. It means she’s not white. ‘Us’ is the non-white people cheering the extinction of white people. {snip}”

He went on to cite a tweet from Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin describing the data as “fabulous news,” and saying, “Now we need to prevent minority white rule.”