Posted on August 23, 2021

Afghanistan Refugees Arrive in Texas for Processing at Fort Bliss

Mike Glenn, Washington Times, August 22, 2021

Refugees from Afghanistan have begun arriving in Texas at Fort Bliss near El Paso — one of three Department of Defense locations where they will remain until their immigration processing is finalized.


Other Afghans have been taken to Fort Lee near Richmond, Va., and Fort McCoy, Wisconsin.

The U.S. military is presently flying Afghans from Kabul to various points around the world. Pentagon officials said Sunday that those evacuated to facilities inside the United States are in the final stages of the State Department-run Special Immigrant Visa program.

The Army is assisting temporary housing operations for the Afghans on U.S. bases. “The 1st Armored Division team is providing the Afghans at Fort Bliss essential support, such as lodging,” Army Col. Martin O’Donnell, with U.S. Army North, told The Washington Times on Sunday. {snip}


Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, told the El Paso Times newspaper that up to 10,000 Afghan refugees could be sent to Fort Bliss.

Col. O’Donnell said Sunday that Afghans arriving in the United States will remain at military locations “temporarily until the State Department processes their visa applications.”