Posted on July 27, 2021

Seattle Area Mayor Falsely Claims to Be the Target of Hate Crime

Ari Hoffman, The Post Millennial, July 25, 2021

Mayor Jimmy Matta of Burien, Wash. falsely claimed on Friday that he and other city council candidates were targets of a hate crime after yard signs appeared in public areas advocating against progressive candidates, of which he is one.

The signs read, “SEATTLE POLITICS ARE BAD FOR BURIEN,” and had the BLM fist logo on them. The signs also said, “VOTE AGAINST,” then listed the names of local progressive candidates Jimmy Matta, Hugo Garcia, Sarah Moore and Marxist candidate Krystal Marx.

Matta falsely claimed that the symbols on the signs represent white supremacy. He believes the lighting bolts on the sign are “Nazi” symbols, though they in no way resemble the SS logo. Meanwhile, the BLM fist has been a symbol of progressive causes.

The Burien City Council has been often criticized for emulating the failed, progressive policies of Seattle lawmakers, which have led to increased crime and homelessness.

Matta told KIRO 7 that these signs are an attack against he and his fellow candidates’ nationalities and identities. “Burien is 54,000 residents. 42 percent people of color. 25 percent Latino. This community has changed. Some people may be fearful of it. They might not know what’s coming next and some people just don’t want that. What’s the reason to call a person of color corrupt when you can’t substantiate it?” Matta said.


Matta contacted the media, and not law enforcement, about his concerns, offering a $2,000 reward for any information that can help Burien police arrest those responsible for the yard signs that opposed him. He also held a “community vigil” to “heal the community” from “hate speech.” He told media that demands that the FBI open an investigation into the incident. King county sheriff and local police have yet to be contacted by Matta.