Posted on July 21, 2021

Race Relations at New Low, 10-Point Black-White Gap

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, July 21, 2021


According to the latest Gallup survey, race relations have hit a new low, a trend that turned sharply worse during the Obama-Biden administration and has grown under Biden.

Gallup said that 57% believe relations between blacks and whites are “bad,” with 42% calling them “good.”

There is a 10-point race gap between blacks and whites, with just 33% of blacks calling relations good versus 43% of whites. {snip}


And while Gallup said that people overall are optimistic about race relations, its “bottom line” noted that blacks are less optimistic.

“As the nation continues to grapple with racial equity, Americans rate the state of black-white relations more negatively now than at any time in over two decades. Overall, however, they believe there is still hope for an eventual solution.”