Posted on July 22, 2021

NU Athletes Sign Petition to Keep Critical Race Theory in Classroom

Andrew Ozaki, KETV, July 20, 2021

There’s pushback on a proposed resolution that condemns the teaching of critical race theory at the University of Nebraska.

Two petitions have popped up online in opposition. One introduced by #WeAreOne Nebraska has gathered 1,500 signatures since Monday.

Five hundred of those signatures are from current NU athletes such as Sadio Fenner.

“You’re taking away an opportunity to learn and to grow as a person because you don’t grow without having the conversations that I think critical race theory invites in the classroom,” Fenner said.

The senior cross country runner from Colorado formed the Minority Student-Athlete Collective two years ago.

His group teamed up with other advocacy groups to support critical race theory and explain how it promotes inclusiveness.

“It’s really just welcoming conversations about how our history as a country has built in some systemic racism at times and really oppressed minorities in this country,” said Daniel Pearson, a former NU golfer and co-founder of United College Athlete Advocates.

However, NU Regent and Republican candidate for governor, Jim Pillen disagrees.

The resolution he introduced says critical race theory doesn’t promote inclusive and honest dialogue and education on campus. And its proponents seek to silence opposing views and disparage important American ideals.


UNL’s Faculty Senate has already voiced opposition to Pillen’s resolution and ACLU Nebraska is also opposed. {snip}