Posted on July 28, 2021

Dallas Whites Pressured to Pledge They Won’t Send Their Children to Top Schools

James Varney, Washington Times, July 26, 2021

Dallas-based Black Lives Matter group is asking wealthy White liberals to pledge their children will not attend an Ivy League school or another ranked in a commonly used list of the top 50 in the United States.

Dallas Justice Now, which has been devoted to defunding the Dallas Police Department, has now launched a college pledge they say will demonstrate support for the Black Lives Matter cause more than a yard sign or small donation.

The group says it will name all in the Highland Park Independent School District who sign — and do not sign — the pledge.

“Talk is not enough,” the group says in its “Open Letter to Wealthy White Liberals of HPISD.” The letter is available online and is being sent to the 95% White residents of Highland Park and University Park, according to Dallas Justice.

“As a white person with privilege both from my whiteness and my neighborhood, I recognize the need to make sacrifices for the purpose of correcting hundreds of years or murder, slavery, discrimination and lack of educational and economic opportunities perpetrated upon people of color,” the pledge reads.

Highland Park is an upscale neighborhood in Dallas of fewer than 10,000 people with a median income of $211,136 and an average home value of $1.51 million. {snip}


“Don’t be a racist hypocrite! Sign the pledge today!” Dallas Justice Now writes.