Posted on June 2, 2021

Inside a Virginia County’s Curriculum for Racial Indoctrination

Breccan F. Thies, Breitbart, May 28, 2021

In 2019, the Albemarle County, Virginia School Board unanimously voted to adopt a radical “anti-racism” policy aimed at “building the racial consciousness” by requiring children to deconstruct their racial and sexual identities and “understand that anti-racism is an action” for which they have a “personal responsibility.” Breitbart News has obtained access to the County’s pilot curricula, which the County has attempted to keep secret from parents.

In a mission statement, Albemarle County claims “personal and institutional racism have historically existed and continues to exist,” and that the purpose of the policy is to “dismantle the individual, institutional, and structural racism that exists” and establish a system of “equity.”


{snip} Breitbart News has obtained slide decks from several units of a pilot program for the sixth to eighth grades at Joseph T. Henley Middle School in Crozet, Virginia.

Henley’s program is supposed to take place during the first class period of the school day called Advisory (homeroom), but one concerned parent, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retributive actions taken upon her child, told Breitbart News that when she sought to opt her student out of CRT, Henley Principal Beth Costa initially said “you can choose not to have your child participate.” Despite this, “Diversity Resource Teacher” Chris Booz — who helps write the curricula for the entire county — immediately corrected Costa, saying the radical ideology “is going to be woven through in all of the classes in Albemarle County.”

“They essentially told me, ‘well, you can try to opt out, but good luck,’” the parent said.

The sixth and seventh grade CRT curricula are the same and appear to be aimed at orienting a student toward the CRT thought process, while remaining somewhat ambiguous about race and sexuality. Despite this, the curricula also appear to sow seeds of mistrust between the student and their parents, as some concerned parents detailed to Breitbart News.


According to many of the concerned parents, students are told not to discuss what they talk about in Advisory with their parents.

The radical indoctrination becomes much more acute in eighth grade with survey questions that ask students to agree or disagree with ideas like, “It is okay to say phrases like ‘I am white’”:

“The DOMINANT CULTURE is… in the U.S.: people who are white, middle class, Christian, and cisgender… [and] is… in charge of the institutions and have established behaviors…”:

Ironically, they go on to ask why there is a “human desire to divide people into groups”:

Students are told that, while there are many other privileges, “white privilege is perhaps the most enduring throughout history”:

Students are then shown a video in which a biracial couple partake in an activity where the wife, who is white, “checks her privilege” while her husband, who is black, counts ‘bias-related incidents’ such as being “accused of not being able to afford something expensive,” having “fear in your heart when being stopped by the police,” or having to “teach your child how not to get killed by the police.” The students are then apparently asked to “check their privilege” by completing the same task shown in the video:


Albemarle County then issued its white students a “call to action” in a video while simultaneously telling its black students that they “are shown over and over and over that [their] lives do not matter.” The video continued to profess that “being white in America is not needing to state your life matters. And when your life matters, you have power. Now is the time to use it. Not being racist is not enough. Now is the time to be anti-racist … Now is the time to take action.” (Emphasis added).


Further, a concerned parent told Breitbart News that when Principal Beth Costa was asked if there was any racial discrimination going on at the school that parents should know about, Costa “could not answer the question,” but said that the “problem we’ve been told is that the majority of our students are Caucasian and that is the biggest problem we need to fix.”