Posted on May 5, 2021

Video of Mom Insisting She Isn’t Racist For Opposing Racial Justice Lessons Viewed Over 500K Times

Jason Lemon, Newsweek, May 2, 2021

A video of a white mother in Missouri insisting that she is not racist for opposing her children learning about racial justice has been watched over 500,000 times on Twitter.

The video was captured in Eureka during a Friday meeting of parents from the Rockwood School District about their concerns regarding the teaching of critical race theory, which is not even currently part of the school district’s curriculum. But many white parents raised alarms that their children were being confronted with ideas they find uncomfortable, while some pushed for disregarding the discussion racial inequalities altogether, NBC News affiliate KSDK 5 reported.

In one particularly viral video from the contentious meeting, a white mother can be seen emotionally arguing that she is not a racist due to her opposition to critical race theory. The mother cried while explaining that her daughter regrets being white.

“She is one of the most innocent little girls in the whole world, and she has friends, Black and white kids in her classroom, and she doesn’t see any difference,” the mother says. “I have actually raised my kids to love people and accept people no matter what, and just because I don’t want critical race theory taught to my children at school doesn’t make me a racist, dammit.”

{snip} A Twitter user going by the name “Gramps” shared the video, writing: “A racist.” His clip of the video has now been viewed over 515,000 times as of the time of writing, with many commentators criticizing the woman and saying that she is racist.

Many conservatives have condemned critical race theory, with Idaho officially banning it from being taught in schools and universities. {snip}