Posted on May 26, 2021

Final Remnants of Confederate Monuments in Richmond Could Be Gone This Summer

Henry Graff, WWBT, May 21, 2021

The final remnants of Confederate monuments in Richmond could be gone this summer. Plans are coming together to remove the final city-owned statue and all the pedestals they once stood upon.

“It doesn’t have to be proliferated with painful trinkets of white supremacy,” said Mike Jones, Richmond City Council.


The A.P. Hill statue has remained because Hill’s remains are inside the monument located on Laburnum Avenue. But the plans call for all that to be removed and improve the busy intersection there.


The intersection where Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s statue once stood will also be fully cleared. Other statue locations will become green space {snip}

In a statement to NBC12, Barry Isenhour with Virginia Flaggers blasted the city’s move saying, “It comes as no surprise to us that the degenerates in Richmond have announced plans to desecrate the grave of a war veteran by literally digging up his remains, in their ongoing quest to eliminate any trace of the city’s history and heritage which might happen to ‘offend’ the small, but a vocal mob of social justice terrorists. As Thomas Carlyle observed, ‘It takes men of worth to recognize worth in men.’ That leaves those in charge in Richmond out.”