Posted on April 2, 2021

White Professor Sues College, Claiming He’s Paid Less Than Black Colleagues

Michael Lee, Washington Examiner, April 1, 2021

A white New Jersey professor is suing his school, accusing the college of paying less-qualified black colleagues more in salary.

Chemistry professor William T. Lavell, who has taught at Camden County College for 25 years, claimed he faces “embarrassment and humiliation” because of the pay discrepancy between him and black colleagues. Lavell said he earns a salary of $91,923 and holds three professional degrees in his area of certification.

Two engineering professors who work at the school, he said, make more money despite having fewer professional degrees. One of the professors, Lawrence Chatman, made $137,157 in 2020, while Melvin Roberts, another professor, currently earns $142,600, the lawsuit stated.