Posted on April 17, 2021

Mexican-American Woman, 70, ‘Is Battered on LA Bus by Racist Black Woman

Gina Martinez, Daily Mail, April 15, 2021

An elderly Mexican-American woman was badly beaten by a racist bus passenger who mistook her for an Asian-American, the victim’s son said.

The 70-year-old victim, named only as Becky by her son Pete, suffered a concussion, a broken nose, swollen eyes and had her hair pulled out last Friday.


Los Angeles police arrested 23-year-old Yasmine Beasley shortly afterwards on suspicion of the attack, KTLA 5 reported.

Beasley allegedly attacked the 70-year-old as she was trying to get off the bus after calling her an anti-Chinese slur, despite Becky being Mexican-American.

The 23-year-old allegedly dragged Becky from the back to the front of the bus as fellow passengers watched and did not intervene.

‘Nobody would help. Not even the bus driver,’ Pete told The Eastsider.

He identified Becky’s attacker as black, and says the assault only ended when Becky called 911. He says his family are regularly mistaken for being Asian-American.

The alleged mistaken-identity attack against Becky is part of a rising trend of hate crimes against Asian-American people.

Beasley was charged with battery as police continue investigating the incident.