Posted on April 27, 2021

Graham Denies Systemic Racism Exists in US

Devan Cole, CNN, April 25, 2021

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham denied on Sunday that there is systemic racism in the US, claiming “America’s not a racist country” as President Joe Biden and others urge people to directly confront the issue as the nation grapples with a spate of police killings of Black Americans.

Citing the elections of former President Barack Obama, who is African American, and Vice President Kamala Harris, who is both Black and South Asian, Graham told Fox News that “our systems are not racist. America’s not a racist country,” adding: “Within every society you have bad actors.”


Graham joins a growing list of notable Republicans who have denied there is systemic racism in the US, despite there being a widespread acknowledgment of it by everyone from Biden and elected officials on the local and state level to leading voices in the business world.