Posted on February 20, 2021

Cartoon Network Releases ‘Anti-Racism’ Ad Teaching Children to ‘See Color’

Alana Mastrangelo, Breitbart, February 17, 2021

Cartoon Network has released an “antiracism” public service announcement teaching children to “see color,” suggesting that having a “colorblind” approach to race could be “a ploy to avoid talking about racism altogether.”

The network’s latest antiracism ad, titled, “See Color,” features three characters — one black, one white, and one purple alien — on set filming a PSA, singing, “colorblindness is our game, because everyone’s the same. Everybody join our circle, doesn’t matter if you’re white, or black, or purple.”

“Hold up a minute here, who wrote this?” says the purple alien, stopping the song. {snip}


“I think it’s just messed up to compare me being an alien to you two being difference races, you’re both human, you’re totally biologically the same,” the alien elaborates. {snip}

The white character reacts by stating that she believes people use the “black, white or purple” phrase, “because adding a fantasy race in there helps distract from the actual racism black people have to deal with.”

“Right,” the black character replies. “My experience with anti-black racism, it’s really specific. Other people of color experience other forms of racism, too. But you won’t see any of that if you don’t see color.”