Posted on January 2, 2021

Canada Offers to Take Illegal Aliens from the U.S.

Neil Munro, Breitbart, December 30, 2020

Canada’s immigration minister is trying to accept U.S.-based illegal migrants who are going to be sent back to their home countries, according to the Washington Post.

The minister is now offering Canadian residency to several migrants in U.S. detention centers who face deportation, according to a pro-migration report in the newspaper.


The Post reports:

{snip} At least eight others, including [Burundi citizen Apollinaire] Nduwimana, are being held at a federal detention facility in Batavia, N.Y., many with final removal orders. {snip}

Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino this month exempted five of those asylum seekers from the border restrictions, according to Kate Webster, their Toronto-based lawyer. {snip} That means they will be allowed to enter Canada, if the United States releases them.

Many illegals in the United States have already moved from President Donald Trump’s pro-American enforcement policies to seek residency in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pro-migrant Canada, the Post notes:

More than 58,000 asylum seekers have entered Canada at such crossings since 2017. Nearly 15,000 of their claims have been accepted, around 12,000 have been rejected and almost 30,000 are pending.


Canada has dramatically raised immigration numbers in recent years, amid cheerleading by progressives, business groups, and immigration lawyers.