Posted on December 10, 2020

Falls Church School Board Votes 7-0 to Change Names of 2 Schools

Nicholas F. Benton, Falls Church News-Press, December 8, 2020

After six months of a lengthy and often contentious debate involving the entire City of Falls Church community, the Falls Church School Board voted unanimously tonight to change the names of two of its five schools, ones named for U.S. founding fathers who famously owned slaves, George Mason and Thomas Jefferson.


{snip} Board chair Greg Anderson said, “It is possible to have two opposing things be true at the same time,” citing the seminal contributions of both to the founding of the republic contributing to the ability to have the kind of heated discussions associated with this issue, and the fact that they owned over 900 slaves. “I find changing the names both in the best interest of the community and necessary.”

The board took two votes, one for each school and both were unanimous.