Posted on December 31, 2020

England Will Need to Build Over 100K Houses Per Year to Keep Up with Mass Migration

Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, December 30, 2020

Over 100,000 homes will need to be built in England every year as a result of mass migration, analysis from the Migration Watch UK think tank has found.

A new home will need to be built every five minutes until the early 2040s as a result of immigration, representing 57 per cent of all new homes, or 107,400 homes per year, according to an analysis conducted of Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures by Migration Watch.

The think tank found that the impact of foreign arrivals in the country will require nearly 2.7 million homes to be built in the country by the year 2043, which they noted would be equivalent to nine cities the size of Glasgow.

The report said that even if migration fell to 2013 levels, when between 180,000 and 190,000 people were immigrating, then immigration would still account for nearly half of the total number of houses by the 2040s, or 67,800 per year.

There are concerns, however, that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s uncapped points-based immigration system could lead to a dramatic increase in immigration to the United Kingdom.


“Tighter immigration control is necessary to tackle the housing crisis and to protect our precious green space,” the think tank added.