Posted on November 9, 2020

Churchill’s Legacy Considered for Review by Imperial War Museum After Black Lives Matter

Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, November 8, 2020

The legacy of Britain’s wartime leader, Sir Winston Churchill, is reported to have been under review at the Imperial War Museum, in the latest blow against British history amid the iconoclastic Black Lives Matter unrest.

Churchill has long been a target of ire for the radical leftist movement, which has accused the man credited with defeating Nazi Germany of being racist and a colonialist.

Internal emails seen by The Telegraph revealed that senior staff members of the Imperial War Museum said: “We must continue to have conversations around sensitive and difficult issues” and “We must have conversations in which we reflect upon and examine our own biases and preconceptions.”

Another email, which was obtained under a freedom of information request, said: “We should chat further about how we can look at Churchill’s views re: tackling sensitive topics too.”

“This is one I’m very keen to get ahead of,” the email added.

The discussions surrounding Churchill’s legacy were started by curators of the museum just days after Black Lives Matter vandals defaced his statue in Parliament Square in June.

The museum is home to the Churchill War Rooms, where the wartime Prime Minister organised Britain’s efforts to defeat Adolf Hitler and his allies.


Black Lives Matter has targeted a swath of historical figures in Britain, including Admiral Lord Nelson, who has long been a target of leftists in the country.


The majority of the British public, however, is against Black Lives Matter’s push to demonise British history, with 69 per cent saying that they were proud of their heritage, according to a poll from Policy Exchange in June.

On the question of Sir Winston Churchill, 80 per cent responded that his statue in Parliament Square should not be removed, with the poll finding there was “clear support for Churchill staying put across all age groups”.