Posted on October 19, 2020

Chicago Woman Intentionally Drives into Three Cops Making Traffic Stop – Again and Again

Chris Elliot, Law Enforcement Today, October 13, 2020

woman, enraged that police dared to conduct a traffic stop, intentionally ran into three officers who had pulled over her friend.

The incident occurred on October 7th around 11am when police had affected a traffic stop on a man for what was described as a minor traffic violation.  When the officers were conducting the traffic stop in Fernwood, a woman appeared to take immediate issue that they dared pull over a friend of hers.

The woman, identified as Dawn Moore was driving by a traffic stop when she noticed that her friend was the one that was pulled over.  Moore pulled over to the side of the road and interfered with the officers, demanding that they release him.

The officers at the scene told Moore to leave the scene, most likely because she was interfering with their lawful duties.  Not to mention, where Moore parked her vehicle was blocking traffic.

Instead of leaving, Moore got back into her vehicle and allegedly intentionally struck a patrol vehicle, sideswiping it.  She then allegedly tried to run an officer over, and then made a U-turn and struck another police vehicle.  Moore then fled the scene.  {snip}


The three officers were injured during the encounter, and were taken to a local hospital for medical treatment for what is reported as non-life-threatening injuries.  {snip}

Around 4:30pm, Chicago Police advise that Moore was seen driving in the area of South Elizabeth Street in Englewood.  Bartoli said that Moore “was observed driving the same vehicle that had been used.”

Moore was criminally charged with aggravated assault on three counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, aggravated battery to an officer and criminal damage to property.