Posted on August 17, 2020

Store Forced to Back Down from Plan Charging Whites Special Fee

WND, August 13, 2020

A clothing store in Georgia has been forced – by public outrage – to back down from its plan to charge whites a special fee for making an appointment.

The New York Post explained the shop, Civvies on Broughton in Savannah, had announced on Facebook a process “it said would require a $20 refundable deposit to book an appointment at the boutique, while people of color would be exempt.”

The store had said, “If you are white and refuse to put down a deposit because you believe our policy is unethical you will not be accepted for an appointment.”

The announcement now, however, had been deleted.

The report said the store apologized for its “promotion” and deleted all social media posts mentioning it.

“It was not our intention to act in any way that might be perceived as discriminatory and for that we apologize,” the store followed up on Facebook.


Store manager Raine Blunk confirmed that there were complaints filed with the Department of Labor over the issue, and others threatened legal action.


Blunk said, “Obviously it is unfortunate to have thousands of people commenting and messaging us saying that they are going to sue us and have contacted the Department of Labor because this is a violation of their rights.”