Posted on August 17, 2020

Naval Academy Midshipman Sentenced to 25 Years in Sexual Assault Case

The Associated Press, Navy Times, August 16, 2020

Nixon Keago

Nixon Keago (Credit Image: LinkedIn via New York Post)

A U.S. Naval Academy midshipman has been sentenced to 25 years after a military panel found him guilty of sexual assault and other charges.

The Capital Gazette reported Friday that Nixon Keago also was dismissed from the service and sentenced to forfeit all pay and allowances.

The 25-year-old also was found guilty of attempted sexual assault, obstruction of justice and burglary during a court-martial at the Washington Navy Yard. The charges stem from four separate incidents involving three women who were Naval Academy midshipmen at the time of the assaults.


Reneau Kennedy, a psychologist and government witness who studies forensic recidivism, testified last month that Keago has a low rehabilitation potential.