Posted on August 14, 2020

Radical ‘Youth Liberation Front’ Active in Portland Encourages Violence, Explicitly Rejects Peaceful Protesting

Peter Hasson and Spencer Landis, Daily Caller, August 12, 2020


The Youth Liberation Front is credited with organizing protests in Portland last week that extended into the early morning hours and turned violent, The Seattle Times and the Associated Press have reported. Portland police declared riots on multiple nights throughout the week.

The radical group’s goals extend far beyond changing policies and even beyond abolishing the police, as noted in a July 8 tweet: “we don’t want to be led, and we don’t want to lead, we just want to destroy the United States of America.”

“Abolish the United States of America,” the group wrote on Twitter in October. YLF has more than 32,000 followers on the social media platform.

“Members of our group report that watching the senate hearing on Antifa was very inspiring. Countless times the movement was referred to as being well organized, and it was conceded that ‘they are winning’ on various occasions. We will succeed in abolishing amerikkka!” YLF wrote on Twitter on Aug. 4, following a Senate hearing on Antifa violence.



When some members of a crowd at a June 2 protest booed the burning of the American flag, the group tweeted: “If you are booing someone burning a symbol of white supremacy and state violence at a protest against white supremacist state violence, what the fuck is wrong with you?”


If you see someone waving an American flag… burn it

YLF has denounced those who seek to keep protests peaceful.

“To all the people on the streets who call themselves ‘peaceful protesters’. I don’t know where you’ve been for the past 4+ years, but being peaceful doesn’t stop the police, how do I know this? Because people have been doing this for years before you hopped on the protest trend,” the group wrote in a June 6 tweet.

“The pigs are in a PR battle so they say there’s a difference from ‘peaceful’ and ‘violent’ protesters. When in fact what we are fighting is the ultimate form of violence, making any and all resistance self and community defense,” the group added.