Posted on August 18, 2020

EU Grants Tunisia 10m Euros to Curb Illegal Migration Activities

North Africa Post, August 18, 2020

The European Union Monday allocated Tunisia 10 million euros to help stem illegal migration activities from its coasts.

The bloc’s commissioner for home affairs and internal security, Ylva Johansson, announced the assistance, which will be used to fight traffickers who control the illegal migration activities on the shores of the North African country.

Over 4,100 Tunisians arrived in Italy last month after crossing the Mediterranean and over 15,000 have undertaken the difficult journey between January and August this year.

The announcement of the aid came as Italy’s top diplomat Luigi Di Maio and interior minister Luciana Lamorgese were visiting Tunisia to discuss met Tunisian officials the issue of illegal migration.

Italy has warned to expel all Tunisians arriving on its shores arguing that Tunisia is a “safe” country.

Di Maio during the Monday visit to the North African country reiterated the commitment to deport all Tunisians who might arrive illegally in Italy via the sea.

“Undocumented migrants arriving in Italy will be repatriated,” Di Maio told Tunisian media.

Rome in 2016 deported 1,268 Tunisian migrants, 2,217 in 2017, and 1,739 the following year. Most expulsion operations were carried out by plane.