Posted on July 11, 2020

Head of Migrant NGO Under Fraud Investigation Now Accused of Sexually Abusing Migrant

Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, July 10, 2020

Father Antonio Zanotti, who is currently under investigation by Italian authorities for fraud, has been accused of sexually abusing a migrant under the care of his pro-migrant NGO.

The migrant originally came forward two years ago, claiming that he had suffered sexual abuse while under the care of the Oasis 7 organisation in Bergamo which takes in migrants {snip}

The migrant filed hard evidence, in the form of photographs and short videos, to prosecutors. The migrant told prosecutors that Father Zanotti, a Capuchin friar, had forced him to perform sexual acts and was threatened him with beatings if he did not comply, Il Giornale reports.


“Father Zanotti’s claims were more and more insistent and pressing. He touched me constantly. And he forced me to take Viagra (once he even made me swallow three tablets) so that he could satisfy himself,” {snip}

Zanotti has been under house arrest since June 17th after being accused of personally profiting from migrants and abusing public funds {snip}