Posted on June 10, 2020

Second Winston Churchill Statue Vandalised with Graffiti After BLM Protests

Niamh Cavanagh, The Sun, June 10, 2020

Another Winston Churchill statue has been vandalised with graffiti after Black Lives Matter protests.

The statue, located in Woodford Green in northeast London, is the second statue of Winston Churchill to have been defaced this week.

The footage, filmed today, shows several messages sprayed onto the statue’s base.

The commemorative statue was erected in 1959 after Churchill served as MP for the area for several years.

Another statue of the former prime minister was targeted during a Black Lives Matter march in Parliament Square on June 7.

Pictures show police officers standing in front of the memorial with neon green graffiti defacing it on the 76th anniversary of D-Day, last Saturday.

The world-famous memorial was defaced with letters ACAB – which is believed to stand for ‘All Cops Are B******s’.

Statues of Queen Victoria and slave trader Edward Colston have also been targeted during anti-racism rallies this week.

Protesters in Bristol tore down the Colston statue and threw it into the harbour.


The statue of Queen Victoria was left covered in graffiti after Black Lives Matter protests in Leeds.

Demonstrators sprayed the sculpture with the words “racist”, “murderer” and “slave owner”.

The 115-year-old memorial on Woodhouse Moor is now also emblazoned with the letters “BLM” in honour of the movement.

And a statue of slave trader Robert Milligan was removed in East London last night following a petition.

Nelson’s Column is another target of anti-racism campaigners who want it torn down over links to the slave trade.

Campaigners want the column removed as Nelson was fiercely opposed to the abolition of the slave trade.

He supported prominent slavers and tried to prevent the abolitionist William Wilberforce – who he dubbed ‘damnable’ – from ending Britain’s involvement in the slave trade.

Hundreds of statues could be pulled down after protesters drew up a “hitlist”.

A group called Topple the Racists want statues across Britain removed and street names changed.

Their list includes some of Britain’s most famous historical figures including King James II, Oliver Cromwell and Christopher Columbus.

The group said: “We believe these statues and other memorials to slave-owners and colonialists need to be removed so that Britain can finally face the truth about its past – and how it shapes our present.

“Statues are exercises of public adoration. And Edward Colston made his fortune in the slave trade.

“He was part of a system of mass murder, torture and human suffering.

“We must learn from, not venerate, this terrible chapter in British colonial history.”

Meanwhile, it has been announced 130 Labour councils across England and Wales will begin reviewing monuments and statues in their towns and cities.

It means dozens more monuments could be removed.

A statement posted on Twitter said: “LGA Labour have consulted with all Labour council leaders, and there is overwhelming agreement from all Labour councils that they will listen to and work with their local communities to review the appropriateness of local monuments and statues on public land and council property.”