Posted on June 4, 2020

Kamala Harris Says Trump Combines ‘Worst of’ Richard Nixon and George Wallace

Sam Dorman, Fox News, June 2, 2020

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., attacked President Trump’s response to ongoing riots, arguing that he combined the worst elements of former President Richard Nixon and former Alabama Gov. George Wallace, a segregationist.

“I think that Donald Trump has combined the worst of George Wallace with Richard Nixon,” Harris told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo during his show on Monday night.

“You know, when he talks about end it now and then dominate the streets, you know, dominate, it literally — one iteration of dominate is about supremacy and that’s what Donald Trump is about. And let’s be clear about it, he has spent full time from the time he ran for president throughout his term in office, full time trying to sow hate and division among the American people, and what he is right now doing in terms of invoking the American military, threatening the American people with the American military, the use of the American military against its own people.”

She went on to claim that Trump was a “divider,” not a “commander-in-chief.”


“America is raw,” Harris added. “Her wounds are exposed.” {snip}