Posted on June 1, 2020

Black Lives Matter: 16 Dead, 30 Injured in Chicago Shootings

Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine, June 1, 2020

The conversation we’re not having and we aren’t allowed to have.

Chicago police say that 16 people are dead and at least 30 others have been injured in shootings across the city so far this weekend.

Black Lives Matter, right?

71 dead in May, 235 dead this year, and a new record for the weekend.

2019 weekend tally: 10 killed, 45 wounded
2018 weekend tally: 4 killed, 30 wounded
2017 weekend tally: 8 killed, 30 wounded
2016 weekend tally: 10 killed, 31 wounded
2015 weekend tally: 5 killed, 33 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 4 killed, 30 wounded

If Black Lives really mattered, we’d be having a conversation about mass death on this scale. But of course we can’t and won’t. This isn’t about George Floyd. It’s about leftist and racist radicals using any excuse to seize power and destroy things. That’s what it’s always about.

And oh yes, more deaths than ever in the era of social distancing.