Posted on April 30, 2020

Washington Post Poll: Hispanics Are the Strongest Opponents of Immigration

Neil Munro, Breitbart, April 29, 2020

Washington Post poll shows that Hispanics are the strongest advocates for a near-total halt to legal immigration during the coronavirus epidemic and economic crash.

Sixty-nine percent of Hispanics said yes when they were asked, “Would you support … temporarily blocking nearly all immigration into the United States during the coronavirus outbreak?” Just 30 percent of Hispanics oppose the shutdown.

In contrast, 67 percent of whites backed the shutdown, partly because 45 percent of  “liberals” opposed the policy.

The survey of 1,008 adults was taken from April 21-26 by the Washington Post and the University of Maryland, after President Donald Trump announced April 22 that he would trim immigration to help Americans gain jobs in the coronavirus recovery.

A shutdown is backed by 65 percent of all adults, 67 percent of independents, 83 percent of Republicans, 76 percent of conservatives, 64 percent of moderates, and by 63 percent of younger people aged 18 to 39.

A shutdown is also backed by 61 percent of non-whites, 60 percent of people with college degrees, 68 percent of people with income below $50,000, and 62 percent of people with income above $100.000.

People have definite views during the coronavirus epidemic: Just one percent said they had no opinions about an immigration shutdown.

But 49 percent of Democrats opposed a shutdown, along with 46 percent of “Dem/lean Dem,” 23 percent of conservatives, and 37 percent of white college graduates.

The poll’s result may be a fluke because it sampled a relatively small number of Latinos in the survey of 1,008 Americans. But Latinos, like Americans, have caring but ambivalent views on immigration.


{snip} Rasmussen Reports reported that 57 percent of 1,000 likely voters approve of President Donald Trump’s temporary halt to some forms of immigration. The policy question — “Do you favor or oppose a temporary halt to most immigration?” — was approved by 59 percent of younger people, 85 percent of Republicans, 34 percent of Democrats, and 43 percent of black Americans.

The “temporary halt” policy was also applauded by 62 percent of people who “somewhat disapprove” of Trump and by 23 percent of people who “strongly disapprove” of Trump.