Posted on November 16, 2019

San Diego Sector Border Patrol Highlights First Month of Fiscal Year 2020

US Customs and Border Patrol, November 15, 2019

United States Border Patrol agents of San Diego Sector have seen slight increases in apprehensions during the first month of fiscal year 2020, compared to last month.  In October, agents apprehended 3,695 people compared to September when 3,436 were apprehended an almost eight percent increase.

San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents processed a total of 130 unaccompanied alien children (UAC) in October compared to 159 during September, an 18 percent decrease.  San Diego Sector agents also processed 332 family units (FMU) compared to 307 in September, an eight percent increase.  Single adult apprehensions for October totaled 3,185 compared to 2,970 in September, a seven percent increase.

Earlier in the month, San Diego Sector highlighted its fiscal year 2019 accomplishments.

Thus far this fiscal year, nationwide, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) saw total enforcement actions decline by 14 percent in October compared to September totaling 45,250.  Of these, 35,444 apprehensions were by Border Patrol agents who operate in-between official ports of entry and 9,806 inadmissible aliens were arrested by CBP officers at ports of entry.  This decline includes a 19 percent decline in inadmissible aliens at ports of entry and a 12 percent decline in USBP apprehensions.

These October decreases are attributed primarily to lower U.S. Border Patrol FMU apprehensions which, for October, decreased by 38 percent.  This is more than 6,000 less compared to September’s total of 15,824.  Single adult apprehensions increased six percent and are consistent with volumes observed over the last seven years for September.

The following are the total drug seizures for San Diego Sector during the month of October:

Cocaine: 71 lbs.

Marijuana: 47 lbs.

Meth: 561 lbs.

Heroin: 67 lbs.

Fentanyl: 30 lbs.

For comparison, these are the drugs seizures for the month of September:

Cocaine: 9.7 lbs.

Marijuana: 730 lbs.

Meth: 420 lbs.

Heroin: 39 lbs.

Fentanyl: zero lbs.