Posted on November 26, 2019

Huge Illicit Drivers License Haul in Kentucky Suggests a Very Established Cartel Operation

Monica Showalter, American Thinker, November 25, 2019

Someone just made it cheaper, easier and more lucrative to be an illegal alien in Louisville, Kentucky, and likely areas beyond. Here’s the WKYT report:

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents from the Chicago Field Office intercepted a parcel in Louisville that contained hundreds of fake driver’s licenses.

A tweet by the CPB Chicago states the fraudulent ID’s were found at the Louisville mail facility.

In all, the package contained 238 fake driver’s licenses and 536 black card stocks.

The documents were turned over to CBP Fraudulent Document Analysis for further investigation.

No information on potential suspects has been released.

After all, if you’re here illegally, a drivers license can make it a heckuva lot easier to get a good paying job instead of a bad one. It can make you more money, taking that job away from some America and pocketing the difference, prompting you to tell everyone back home that the livin’s easy. And it seems there are lots and lots of “accounts” for these cartels with clients seeking drivers licenses to service these days.

It goes to show just how big and organized the Mexican cartel organizations, which are destroying Mexico, are also getting here. They’ve got a big counterfeit drivers license operation going, including someone who’s either been hired on the inside, or else a corrupt blue city official on the take.

And sure enough, a look at Louisville suggests there is a pretty bad cartel operation going on. This USA Today report on some vile creature named “El Menchu,” who’s putting his illegal immigrant experience in the states to good use now, has the tentacles deep into places like Kentucky. He specializes in corrupting small towns — drugs, illegals, anything illegal with a lot of money attached.

It calls to mind something very ominous going on, from John Daniel Davidson at the Federalist:

Two important and interrelated news stories largely passed under the radar Wednesday as the House impeachment hearings continued to dominate the headlines. Both stories concern the deteriorating state of affairs in Mexico and have huge implications for immigration, the southwest border, and U.S. national security. It’s a shame more Americans aren’t paying attention.

The first was a report from BuzzFeed that as of Wednesday the Trump administration began carrying out a controversial plan to deport asylum-seekers from El Salvador and Honduras—not to their home countries, but to Guatemala, which the administration has designated a “safe third country,” meaning that migrants from those countries must first apply for asylum in Guatemala before seeking asylum in the United States.


The second story was a Los Angeles Times dispatch from the Mexican state of Michoacán, where rival cartels are waging war not over drug trafficking routes but over control of the multibillion-dollar avocado industry. More than a dozen criminal groups are fighting over the avocado trade in and around Uruapan, the capitol of Michoacán, “preying on wealthy orchard owners, the laborers who pick the fruit and the drivers who truck it north to the United States,” writes reporter Kate Linthicum. Organized crime in Mexico, she explains, is diversifying—it isn’t just about drugs anymore:


So what do these two news stories from Wednesday have to do with one another, and why would they have major implications for the United States? Simply put, what has happened in Central America is now happening in Mexico. The difference is, when asylum-seekers from Mexico start turning up on our border we won’t be able to deport them to a third country or easily turn them away. If you thought the border crisis was bad last year, wait until hundreds of thousands of families in Michoacán and Tamaulipas decide to flee the cartels and seek asylum in the United States.

Which is a frightening possibility indeed. A Venezuela-style situation at our border, except with a much-larger population.

Which highlights just how feckless our Congress is, even as the signs pile up that cartels are getting a foothold, and the ground is being paved for an illegals invasion as illegal drivers licences start to stockpile.

Does it sound like time to start getting rid of Democrats running the House, hellbent on impeachment even as the country gets engulfed? Republicans would be idiots not to use this evidence of an emerging crisis from our south, before it really gets out of control.