Posted on October 2, 2019

Michigan Man Stabbed His Roommate’s Girlfriend 49 Times

James Gordon, Daily Mail, October 1, 2019


Tywaun Sims-Scott, 19, is accused of stabbing 19-year-old Jamie Barsegian 49 times in her Ypsilanti, Michigan apartment.

Sims-Scott is alleged to have killed her during an argument about sharing breakfast food.


They found a man, later identified as Sims-Scott, who had called 911 stating he had killed someone and that the police ‘were next.’

Jamie Bersagian

Ypsilanti Police Officer Ashley Kofahl testified during Sims-Scott’s preliminary examination and according to MLive explained how when officers arrived at the scene they found Sims-Scott standing in the street covered in blood.

He was holding two knives above his head and yelled at officers to shoot him.

He eventually complied with officers’ demands and was handcuffed and taken to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in order to be treated for several large cuts on his hands to his hands.


Barsegian wanted to eat some sausage and eggs that Sims-Scott had cooked — and he simply refused.


The argument escalated until Sims-Scott allegedly stabbed Barsegian 49 times while she fought for her life.