Posted on August 22, 2019

Dying Pal pf Nipsey Hussle Tells NYPD Cops ‘F–K You’ When Asked to ID Shooter

Larry Celona, Craig McCarthy, Georgett Roberts and Aaron Feis, New York Post, August 21, 2019

A mortally wounded gangbanger hated cops so much, he defiantly refused to identify his killer — instead telling officers, “F–k you, son!” with one of his last breaths, law-enforcement sources told The Post Wednesday.

Arsenio Gravesande’s refusal to aid police came amid five fatal shootings over less than 24 hours in the Big Apple — and underscored the hurdles cops face as they try to keep the city safe amid an uptick in shootings this year


“Sometimes, they cool down and talk to us,” a police source said. “They have a change of heart and ID the shooter.”


Nipsey Hussle (left) and Arsenio Gravesande